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Under what circumstances do you need to replace the brake pads?

Under what circumstances do you need to replace the brake pads?


Method 1: look at the mileage:

The front film is generally 40000-60000 km, and the rear film is generally 50000-70000 km.It is mainly determined according to personal driving habits. If it is a mountainous terrain area, frequent use of the brake system will accelerate the wear of the brake pads.

Method 2: directly observe the thickness of the brake pad.

When it is found that the friction material of the product is thin, it shall be replaced: when the thickness of disc brake pad lining is less than 2mm and drum brake shoe lining is less than 1mm, the friction material of rivet product has been worn to 0.8mm before replacement. Check the condition of brake pads (shoes) every time the vehicle is maintained.

Method 3: listen to the brake sound

If the sound of "iron rubbing iron" is accompanied by light braking, the brake pads must be replaced immediately. Because the alarm circlip of the brake pad has directly rubbed the brake disc, it proves that the brake pad has exceeded the limit. In this case, when replacing the brake pad, cooperate with the inspection of the brake disc. When this sound occurs, the brake disc is often damaged. At this time, even if a new brake pad is replaced, the sound still cannot be eliminated. If it is serious, the brake disc needs to be replaced.

Tip: it's often late when you hear the sound of the brake. At this time, the brake disc will be damaged more or less. The price of the brake disc is much higher than that of the brake pad. Therefore, it is recommended that you check the brake pad frequently to avoid damaging the brake disc.

Method 4: look at the on-board panel prompt

When the brake pads are seriously worn, the brake disc indicator light on the instrument panel will turn on to prompt the owner to replace the brake pads.



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