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Brake noise

There are many reasons for abnormal braking noise, some of which are caused by weather and temperature; Some are caused by normal wear and tear. Not every abnormal noise represents a problem with the brake system. Specific problems need to be analyzed. So what is normal“"Abnormal noise" ?


01 The brake of the new car makes an abnormal noise

If a new car just bought makes abnormal braking noise, this is generally normal, because the new car's braking system is still in the running in period, and the brake pads and brake discs have not been fully run in, so sometimes there will be some slight friction noise. As long as we drive for a period of time, the abnormal noise will naturally disappear.


02 A new brake pad makes a strange noise

After replacing a new brake pad, abnormal noise may occur due to uneven contact between both ends of the brake pad and the brake disc. Therefore, when replacing a new brake pad, we can first polish the corner positions at both ends of the brake pad to ensure that the brake pad will not grind to the convex parts at both ends of the brake disc, so that they are harmonious with each other and will not produce abnormal noise.


03 Abnormal noise when starting after rainy days

Most of the brake discs are mainly made of iron, and the whole piece is exposed. Therefore, after rainy days or after washing the car, the brake discs will be rusty and make a bang sound when the car is started again. But don’t worry, it’s just because the brake disc and brake pad are rusted and stuck together. Generally, just step on the brake a few feet after you go on the road to wear off the rust on the brake disc.


04 The brake makes an abnormal noise when it enters the sand.

The brake pads and discs are exposed, so it is inevitable that some "small conditions" will occur due to changes in environmental conditions. If some foreign matters, such as sand or small stones, accidentally run between the brake pad and the brake disc during driving, they will make a hissing sound when braking. We don’t need to panic when we hear this sound. As long as we continue to drive normally, the sand and stones will fall out by themselves, and the abnormal noise will disappear.


05 Abnormal noise in emergency braking

When we brake hard, if we hear the clattering sound of braking and feel that there will be a continuous vibration from the brake pedal, many people worry about whether the sudden braking leads to any hidden dangers. In fact, this is just a normal phenomenon when ABS is started. Don’t be panic.


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