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Braking tips

Braking is a very important link in automobile driving. We must take it seriously. In fact, it is not difficult to brake the car well. Doing a good job is of great help from the following two aspects


Use braking skills to reduce damage to braking parts


No.1 Smooth braking


The phenomenon of "nodding" is easy to occur in the process of vehicle deceleration. The forward inclination of passengers in the vehicle due to inertia not only affects the driving comfort, but also has a certain risk. When braking, slowly and continuously press the brake pedal to slow down the vehicle evenly until it stops. When starting again, slowly release the brake pedal to let the vehicle start smoothly


No.2  Bend braking


When turning, the vehicle shall follow the principle of deceleration before entering the corner and acceleration after leaving the corner, that is, the vehicle shall decelerate in advance before entering the corner to avoid danger due to too fast speed during turning. At the same time, please try not to step on the brake in the curve. In the curve, the running speed of the wheels on both sides of the vehicle is inconsistent, and the tire wear is also different. If you step on the brake at this time, it will aggravate the uneven wear of the left and right tires, resulting in eccentric wear of the tires.

No.3 Emergency braking


It is inevitable that the vehicle will encounter some emergencies during driving. Mastering the correct emergency braking skills can effectively help us improve the driving safety. When the vehicle is driving at high speed, if a tire burst occurs, the driver need not panic. At this time, hold the steering wheel with both hands and control the driving direction of the vehicle as much as possible to avoid stepping on the brake. On the premise of ensuring safety, the restraining effect of the engine is used to slow down the car naturally to a safe zone and then pull over


No.4 Slope braking


"Uphill" is a difficult road test subject. In fact, whether it is uphill braking or uphill, as long as you master the correct skills, you can gradually "come naturally". The braking skills on uphill roads are similar to those on flat roads, but due to the influence of body quality and ramp gradient, the force of stepping on the brake pedal should be less. In the process of downhill, it is strictly prohibited to slide in neutral. At the same time, try to avoid stepping on the brake pedal for a long time, which may easily lead to overheating of the brake friction plate and reduce the braking performance of the vehicle.


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